The mayor of Kyoto asks Kim Kardashian what in the baptize of his collection of ‘Spite’ – of the International


The mayor of Kyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan, wrote to Kim Kardashian to ask her to give up the call for your collection of lingerie from “the Kimono”.

In order to present our new line of clothing ntimas, the star of a reality tv show in the United States, which has 134 milhes de followers on Instagram, it caused a storm on social media last week, where he was accused of apropriao culture. On Twitter, the hastag “#KimOhNo” alcanou of the trending topics.

The mayor of Kyoto, Daisaku Kadokawa, wrote last week to the celebrity and ask her to reconsider her decision, he informed an international conference in the city hall of the japanese city.

“[Eu peo] you will need to re-consider its decision to use the name ‘Gi’ for your brand,” he has said in the letter, written in English.

“The Kimono is a costume tnico traditional, was created by the richness of our history and of our nature,” he said of the cell, which has invited him to visit their city and to get to know the culture of the kimono.

“We are concerned that an m-interpretao-of-gi to be spread, because of the sra. O is a powerful, empowering,” said Mai Saka, the head of the fine Arts in the City of Kyoto.

The term “kimono” (kimono, in france), means, literally, “something used”.

Kim Kardashian, I wanted to do a play on words with his name, and the name is japanese, told the New York Times that she is in had a inteno to produce clothes that “look, in any way, with the traditional costume, or desonr it.”

In the gi, that is, j has a pea bsica of the wardrobe in japanese, is currently only available for the large ocasies, such as a wedding, and it is used mostly by women.

In this series are refined, it may cost you sums of money astronmicas and is considered to be difficult to use.

Women often need the assistance of experts in order to use the bath, which requires multiple folds, and laos.

In the world of fashion is often applied to polmicas related apropriao culture.

More recently, the mexican government has protested against the use of reason txteis tnicos for the company’s new york-based Carolina Herrera, in his collection of Resort by 2020.