The mother-of-Cameron-Boyce talks in the ‘void’ in the 1st Mother’s Day without your son, 09/05/2020


The mother-of-Cameron-Boyce, Libby Boyce, has spoken out about the young man in the first Mother’s Day that passes without the child. The actor in the productions of Disney, such as the Descendants, died in July at the age of 20 and after having a seizure related to an epileptic while he was sleeping.

“These last ten months have changed my life in a way that is beyond words. You can’t compare it to anything, because it is a trauma that is different from anything else in the world. It created an emptiness that is raw and painful,” he said in a story by Good Morning America.

Now, she plans to use her experience to help other mothers of children who have epilepsy. “I’d like to use my voice on behalf of these women, to deal with the question of tragedy and to raise awareness of the epilepsy; the disease is more common, and less well-known,” he said.

“On this day, mother’s Day, I want to pay tribute to all the mothers of the warriors of SUDEP (sudden death in epilepsy) who are living with this burden is a horrible thing. Together, we will fight for more awareness and a better understanding of the different types of epilepsy and the appropriate treatment to deal with each and every kind, and for a cure for epilepsy and SUDEP”‘, he wrote to Libby.