The newspaper and the T – Louis Vuitton and produces face masks, non-surgical


Louis Vuitton, sent them to the purpose of his workshops in France and the beginning of the production of hundreds of thousands of masks, protective, non-surgical, and mobilized hundreds of craftsmen, in response to a request from the local Government in order to increase production of face masks, non-surgical alternatives to help combat the current pandemic of Covid-19.

Michael Burke, chairman, President and chief executive officer of Louis Vuitton, has entered into the very beginning of the production, with a visit to the repair shop in Sainte-Florence, from where the 22 craftsmen and are available in the production of the masks. The Sainte-Florence (Vendée), is joining the workshops in Marsaz, and Saint-Donat (Drôme), in Saint-Pourçain (Allier) and Ducey (Manche).

“While it’s important to the House of france, such as Louis Vuitton is committed to the production of as many shades as possible, which will be distributed in the region, at no cost, in order to protect those who are most exposed to it. This is the result of a great collaboration with the industry, the regional textile industry,” said the speaker of the house-of-date.

These masks are non-surgical have been approved by the government, and they are designed in cooperation with the Mode Grand Oues, a regional network for the textile industry, which provides one of the main materials.