The pandemic led to the fact that Jennifer Aniston forgive her father who abandoned her in early childhood



The actress is once again in contact with his father.

The multi-covid-19 has brought separation and sorrow to many families in the world, but it seems that it is not all bad, at least not for Jennifer Aniston, who turned out to make peace with his father, who had never had a close relationship.

The distance between the actor and the non-custodial parent, John Aniston, was when it was separated from its mother. At the time, Jennifer Aniston was just 10 years old.

John Aniston, who is also an actor, will be left by Nancy Dow, the deceased’s mother in the show, in order to be with the other person. According to the international press, Jennifer Aniston will be questioned in the absence of the father, for many years to come. In an interview in 1999 that she was even talking about it. “I remember sitting down and crying, not understanding why he [pai] if I had gone for a while,” he recalled at the time, admitted that he had made peace with his father, but that there were things in the “difficult” now, because the non-custodial parent had not been close by to give you all the joys of parenthood”.

Now, 20 years later, it seems that she came in contact with the father, but more often than not.

“Jen has forgiven his father for having abandoned her-she said that” a source close to the star of the series ‘Friends’ in the comments to the Daily Mail.

“Their relationship always had its many ups and downs. She went for years without talking to him, but at the beginning of the crisis in the [novo] coronaviruses and she has called him almost every day, and the conversations they have are never short. It’s as if she’s realized that life is way too short, and her relationship with John to be the best they can be. He is thrilled that they have reunited, ” added the source.