The second season of the “Narcos” is going to be broadcast on AMC


The AMC will stream the first two seasons of the series, “Narcos”, in the second part of the story, the greater baron of the colombian drug of all time-Pablo Escobar. The new production will be led by a brazilian actor, Wagner Moura, and the premiere is this Thursday, the 21st day of may, and on the basis of 22h10.

“The story follows the efforts of the United States and Colombia for the fight against the dreaded drug lord, and the cartel of the Medellin cartel, a criminal organisation richest and most ruthless of the story,” says the channel in a press release.

“Narcos” account in the list, with Wagner Moura, Pedro Pascal, Boyd Holbrook, Paulina Gaitán), Maurice Compte and Alberto Ammann.

Here’s the trailer: