The signs that you are hiding it well love don’t match


When they are not being fulfilled in love, some of the signs of the zodiac, they tend to hide their grief, and to try to show that you don’t care about it.

Check out what they are:

The bull

The taurine is able to disguise it very well to your feelings when you feel that you will not be responded to. It might suffer in secret and not let anyone else realize that the rejection has hurt you, taking refuge in other things that give you pleasure.

The twins

The gemini man will try to keep the schedule full, not to show his pain, trying to loosen her up with new love interests. He will hide his emotions so well that you can even keep hanging out with who you like just so as not to leave anything obvious.

The pound

The libran knows that not everything can be responded to, and it will save disappointment, as if it wasn’t for something sad like that. He tries to move on very quickly and lock up the bad feelings of rejection.


The sagittarian can be very convincing in showing that it does not matter all that much, and you are ready to move on to another one. He is healing her heart by throwing herself into a new adventure, and when you are feeling sad, try to come out on top, with an optimistic attitude.