Travis Scott and Gunna come together in the song “Top Floor”, listen to it!


Gunna and Travis Scott, you are on your way to the Top Floor,” from his collaboration on the disc “WUNNA”.

The rapper from Atlanta, Gunna, and the star of Houston, Travis Scott, are you going up the mountain to the top, and came officially to the top floor. The two characters will be replaced if you’ve signed up again on the new album, Gunna, WUNNA, and have not disappointed, delivering a banger of a spotlight, which it certainly will remain on our playlists for weeks on end.

Getting close to the end of the song, “Top Floor,” cheer up the mood and sets the tone for the rest of the album. The beat is produced by the Turbo, it mimics the structure of the failings of the “Hot” from the Young Thug. Considering that Gunna is featured on this track, and he probably wanted to try the formula once again to do his magic.

Gunna is featured on here, but that doesn’t mean that the Flame is in the back. In the song Houston sang the chorus with no effort, and do your things during this whole process. In an attempt to better connect with your audience, Gunna sped up a fund, and assured him that his name was written in the stars for the rest of your life. He’s got it.

Listen to “Top Floor” below it.