Universal is celebrating the Day of the Hug with a Live 2-World Tour, and the action of the TikTok!


And the disclosure of Live 2: World Tour in Brazil, remains firmly in place. The Universal Pictures announced that it will celebrate the The day of the Hug with the action in the film, especially in the TikTok.

In celebration of the annual Day of the Hug, which was signed on the 22nd of may, we will have events with a focus on the character of the Trolls.

The second film in the franchise, arrives in theaters national on Oct.

So, Otaviano Costa and other influencers in digital, such as Luccas Netowill you invite your followers to enter the date in the style of the Poppy, and the Stem, and the whole gang of Trolls: it is with great music, dancing, and hugging, this time, online.

In the animation, and Poppy – leader of the Now – discovers that there are other worlds, each one with a style of music that is different, including Rock, Funk, Techno, Classical, and even Country. Whenever there is a threat of the unexpected, and your friends will be able to unite all of the trolls, to save the world of music.

Directed by the duo of David P. Smith, Walt Dohrn, the film has a great cast, the voices are the originals, which includes Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson and Jamie Dornan.

The team of young brazilians will have Hugo Bonemer, Hugo Gloss, Jullie, and the singer Simone, the duo Simone and I.

Troll 2 arrives at the brazilian cinemas on the 8th of October.