Wall Luckylefthand for Louis Vuitton in Paris


Wall Luckylefthand for Louis Vuitton in Paris

Luckylefthand, and made a true work of art on the walls of Paris.

Thanks to the skillful hands of the Steven Burke, also known as the Luckylefthand the head office paris Louis Vuitton you are using a new color a few days ago, and now, in this time period a bit they tend to be grey, and it makes us want to take a short walk down the street.

The mural, which covers an area of 280 square meters, it is called The nine-Color, Nine-Eyes-and-Nine of Hearts and it is a set of 14 paintings, which aim to bring back the good mood of all the people of the Pont Neuf.

With a style inspired by the aesthetics of the ’60s and’ 70s, Luckylefthand takes us on a tour through the landscape of the Hossegora city loved by him, and as a source of inspiration for many of his works, noted for its wooded hills and swimming in the sparkling water where the sun goes down and the rainbow disappeared.

But, in order to characterize the wall, in addition to the saturated colors of the landscape of the city, there’s also the symbolic element of hands-on, all distant from each other, in order to mention the historical moment in which we are living, and that forces us to be close, without being able to touch each other.

“I wanted to create a painting from the wall, in order to offer the parisians, is a tour of color for the 14 windows, evoking the holidays of the summer, and even accounting for the temporary period of time in which we are moving.”

By Steven Burke