What do you think of the idea of being at home in the company of Leonardo DiCaprio, Fernando, Daniel? Life


To get to the end of the week, we have the first suggestion for the agenda of the live stream Fernando Daniel will be starting in Ovar, as a way of saying thank you to all of those who have been working tirelessly on the front line” — you can read a post on Facebook from the lead singer.

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To be a resident of the Ovar three years ago, one of the regions of the Uk most severely affected by a pandemic caused by a new coronavirus — the singer has lived in the city for the duration of their confinement, which included the deployment of a siege in the european union.

Now, with the Ovar for the return to normalcy, Fernando, Daniel, has decided to go to a concert without an audience on the steps of the parish Church of St. Christopher, with the theme of #RecomeçarEmOvar. The concert will start at 19.00 and will be broadcasted live on the radio, Commercial on the antenna and on the web site. Find out all the information right here.

Let’s go with the other suggestions?


The premiere of the documentary film “Rudolf Nureyev – The attraction of Heaven”

At that time: 22h12

Location: RTP 2

Note: On Saturday, the RTP 2 will broadcast a documentary directed by Sonia Paramo, about one of the most amazing dancers of all time Rudolf Nureyev. A story is told through interviews, re-enactments of dramatic sequences in the original dance, and archival footage, we explain how Nureyev taken in the dance, and it left a mark on history.


“The Wolf of Wall Street”

At that time: For the player that you want.

Location: In the MEO video club

Note: In this film, Martin Scorsese’s Leonardo DiCaprio played one of the roles of the most memorable of his career. As Jordan Belfort, a broker with north american in the 90’s, he implemented a massive system of fraud and financial at the very heart of Wall Street DiCaprio is a character that kind and without any kind of scruple. If you haven’t had a chance to see “The Wolf of Wall Street,” you can do it right now, in the video club’s DEVELOPMENT.


“Art on the run”

At that time: 15: 00

Location: Facebook’s The house of Music

Note: The House of Music will pass on to their page in Facebook for the concert, which took place in the evening of 10 November, 2019 at the latest — and that connects to the adjustment of Johannes Schöllhorn’s the work of johann sebastian Bach, “the Art Trail”, with the interpretation of the Orchestra, and the Baroque House Of Music, in the same work. This is a different style, but that turn out to be part of, in a way, where there was no overlap with the other.


Housing Some of the Big-Band Estarrejazz

At that time: 21: 30

Location: On Facebook and Instagram for the qualification programme for rural of the Project

Note: Under the musical direction of Peter Kent and Luisa Sobral-the Big bang Estarrejazz paid tribute to the great Ella Fiztgerald, a concert at the end of 2016. If you would like to see a review of this concert, once again, just go to the channel for transmission, as mentioned above.


“The Zebra Camila”

At that time: 11: 00 am

Location: In the sitting room online, the National Theatre of Dona Maria II, you have the door open here.

Note: The Dona Maria national Theatre also has a theatre for kids, in your “room” online. In the part that today is going to be displayed, that is, “The Zebra Camila”, written by Marisa Nunez and performed by Laura Aguiar. In this piece, it tells the story of a Wife, a home, that one day, they lost in the seven stripes of her dress. If you would like to have a program with the little ones first thing in the morning, and this is a suggestion to bear in mind.