Youtuber claims to have been threatened by the driver to the application in the us


The youtuber, James and Charles. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)
The youtuber, James and Charles. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

James Charles, the famous star of a Youtube video, said that he had been threatened, and xingado by a driver for Uber in Orlando, and in the United States.

The influencer of a 20-year-old has more than 16 million followers on her channel is about beauty wrote on Twitter that he was verbally harassed and physically threatened by a driver.

In the post, and Charles, who is gay, was the account officer of the company, and wrote the following: “Hi! One of the drivers in the Orlando area just call on me and my staff of idiots,, p., and threatened to beat us. Please contact me as soon as possible.”

The company said: “We take this very seriously. Please take a look at, please send them via DM (direct message) with your e-mail address, and phone number for us to talk as fast as we can.” “I’ve just written. Thank you,” she replied to the youtuber.

A spokesperson for Uber told the magazine People that is looking into the matter, and that the company has a clear policy of non-discrimination.