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Despite this being a sensitive time, with the isolation function is referred to as a new coronavirus and offers an opportunity to remember, to improve the references to the fashion and history of costume. For all fashionistas who are also a fan of the film, a column is added to the list of movies and tv shows fashion available on-line. Just pick up the bowl of popcorn, take a good time of the day, settle down and get play“.

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For anyone who is a fan of comedy, and a good tip is to have the film Ready-to-Wear, which takes place during the fashion week in Paris in 1994. Directed by Robert Altman, the plot of the film mixes in scenes from the runway and behind the scenes at the actual show.

The film received the award for the organization of film critics, National Board of Review’s best actress, the-year-of-release. The cast of with the stars Sophia Loren, Julia Roberts and Kim Basinger.

The heavy team is rounded out by american singer Cher, and the fashion designers Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana and Sonia Rykiel, who use to steal the limelight, and pull up lots of laughs from the audience.

The movie's Ready-to-Wear
The movie’s Ready-to-Wear has been directed by Robert Altman

Dior and I

For the full feature release window delivers views inside of the backstage the debut of Raf Simons as the creative director of the the house a French, Christian Dior. In addition to behind-the-scenes for the first in a series of haute couture fashion, the film also shows a bit of the short career of the fashion designer, who left the brand in October 2015, to be succeeded by Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Directed by Frédéric Tcheng, and in the distinguished presence of Jennifer Lawrence, and Sharon Stone, the film does not hide the tensions and challenges faced by the Simons, to design, plan, and develop all of the minute details of the show, at just eight weeks old.

The film Dior and I
Behind the scenes of the fashion designer Raf Simons in his first collection of haute couture for christian Dior

Bill Cunningham New York

For decades, Bill Cunningham has been secured in the main event of the fashion industry. The photographer, who died in rio in 2016, came to be known as the man-a favorite in New York because of the delicate look, and is attentive to the street-style.

The film was directed by Mark Bozek, shows the iconic figure behind the camera, starting from a tiny apartment in Cunningham. A great recommendation for those who want to delve deeper into the legacy of the photographer. “We all dressed up for the Bill,” says Anna Wintour, during the narrative.

Bill Cunningham taking pictures of
The iconic fashion photographer Bill Cunningham

Party Girl

In the movie, the Party Girl, was released in 1995, and in theory it’s not about fashion. However, it should captivate all lovers, by immersion, in the 1990’s. The entire narrative has a setting for that in the heart of New York city. The city’s streets, which are crossed by the sun’s inspiring to gain the color, texture, and style of the main character, Mary, is carried by the actress The Parker Posey.

The Movie Party Girl
In the film, Party Girl is a reference to the fashion and style of the 1990’s


Angelina Jolie sets sail in the industry fashion and interpret the history of the troubled model Gia Carangi in the telefilme norte-americano, broadcast by the television channel HBO in 1998.

Directed by Michael Cristofer, the film has won awards at the Golden globes for the interpretation of the top model and agent, Wilhelmina Cooper, performed by the actress Faye Dunaway.

Angelina Jolie as Gia
Angelina Jolie as Gia Carangi in the film, shown on HBO

The Fifth Element

Sci-fi The Fifth Element, released in 1997, it has become a classic. Luc Besson signs on the direction of a full-length feature film, which involves the survival of planet Earth as it is in the central plot. The film, considered to be exciting and a lot of fun for the critics of the film also stands out for the costume.

The big name behind the of a thousand and one productions are bright and whimsical it is with the fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. The artwork is air collection was inspired by the collections of the previous design.

The Costumes Of Jean Paul Gaultier
Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier also signed the costume design for the movie The Fifth Element

The Phantom Thread

The length of the post-war period in London, although the film’s drama focused on the world of fashion. The plot in the direction of the Paul Thomas Anderson’s features, the actor Daniel Day-Lewis as a stylist in a methodical and obsessive. According to the portal, the Quartz, the main character Reynolds and Woodcock, it is inspired by the creative director of Cristóbal Balenciaga.

Fashion Designer Phantom Thread
Daniel Day-Lewis starred as designer the fashion in the movie of the Phantom of the Thread


In the film, and the documentary of the fashion show on the plans of fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi for the fashion show in the fall of 1994, supported and directed by her boyfriend of the time, Douglas Keeve. In addition to the creations that are timeless in the designerthe production process includes a time-of-weight-with names such as Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, and Linda Evangelista.

The Cast, Unzipped
Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi gets the aid of the top models in the film

A Single Man

The film marks the debut of fashion designer Tom Ford as a film-maker. The story of A Single Man is an adaptation of the book by Christopher Isherwood. In the cast are Colin Firth, Julianne Moore and Nicholas Hoult. The main character is embarking on sensitive issues.

The Film A Single Man
Colin Firth act as the main character in the film A Single Man

The Great Gatsby

The most recent film adaptation of the play, The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire. Under the direction of Baz luhrmann film, the plot is based on the novel of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

In 2014, the film was awarded the Oscar for best costume design for Catherine Martin. It resulted in the modernist style of the 1920’s, with the spirit of the bohemian, and the luxury of a decade or so. On the big screen, the cast wears looks created by the Italian Prada grabs, with jewels by Tiffany’s. Men’s fashion gets the label of Brooks Brothers.

The Movie The Great Gatsby
In the movie, The Great Gatsby is also a good idea for anyone who is in social withdrawal, in that time period

Why is it important to insulate?

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus in the world. One of the recommendations is to avoid agglomeration and to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m from the others. If possible, stay home from work it is very important to prevent the spread of the Covid-19.

It is essential to note that the virus can remain incubated for up to two weeks. The first symptoms may appear during this period, from the time of infection. Among them are fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

Recommendations for prevention include washing, often in the hands, not sharing personal items, use of napkin, disposable hygiene of the nose and covering your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough.

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