5 tips for reading to children as a part of the quarantine


Reading is the key to the development of the infant, and during the course of the pandemic, the family can help to encourage a habit in our house.

The consultant’s education in the History, a platform that specializes in the personalization of children’s books, Claudia Onofre, separated 5 tips to help you in the time of the reading, it is a moment of pleasure and the narrowing down of family ties.
1) Create a ‘corner of a read
The first step is to build the habit of reading is to find out where the point of literature is going to happen. It is of the utmost importance for the children to join in with this practice in an environment that is safe and comfortable, so they will be able to develop the ability to concentrate.

The VALLEY BANNER, 1500x1250

It’s a good idea to create houses that can be built up with sheets and chairs, as well as the arrangement of the pillows and stuffed animals on the floor.

2) to Give life to the characters and the story

The idea here is to make the time to read it on a show on stage. Gesture, act out, doing the voices, with different intonations, and invest in a sound effects, for example, plastic, paper, aluminum, and much more, it makes all the difference to your child’s pick up the story and, at the same time, have fun with it.

3) re-live the experiences of the books

A great strategy in order to secure the acquired knowledge by books for the children, whether it is related to the development of cognitive or social, emotional, child’s, is to put it into practice. In the case of the narratives that convey values and virtues, such as friendship, kindness, courage, and responsibility, it is important that children are encouraged to think of situations of their own day-to-day, where the lessons need to be applied.

4) Discuss the history of

After the time of the reading, provide a space for children to expose their points of view on the story, it is also a way to have entertaining, and make it far more interesting.

It is important that the small to give them an opinion on the narrative, focusing on the points which you like best, the least liked, bringing in the reasons and identify possible scenarios for the characters. Thus, it is possible to stimulate creativity, build critical thinking and ability to solve problems.

5) the Use and abuse of the customization

The custom books allow your children to be the protagonists of the stories of the side characters, and inspiring, which enables them to be more empathetic, and that you can identify in a positive way, with different perspectives, to give yourself fully to the learning experience and for the fun of it.