5 tips to organizing one for you, that took courage to put away in the closet


The world consumes about 80 billion new items of clothing each year, according to the documentary, “The True Cost” (Real Costs, in other words, to the end of 2016. In addition to the impressive number, considering their economy, so why not to take advantage of that is silly, take a look at what has stopped-and, in this way, giving a new meaning to? Finally, to think that the closet chaotic with clothes, you might as well get a second chance at life.

We spoke with Elisa Ferrer, on the site of the purchase and sale of used clothing Closeando, Colombia, on how to classify in a simple manner to your pieces to give them a new meaning and a way of survival.

1 – In fact, going to use it?

We need clothes not just because they like how it looks when you put it in. Also, for a souvenir, a gift, or because you’re going to wear when I lose a few pounds… and it will remain so, the forgotten, the forever taking away of space in the closet. On the face of it, Elisa, it is recommended to rethink why we will never have “nothing” to wear. “About 80% of the wardrobe of a woman is not to be used. So, you might want to organize your clothes and think about how to use it, because I skipped over parts because they are memories, but you could give it a new lease of life to them,” he said.

2 – set aside

Very is emphatic in saying that you should separate your clothes by occasion, even if it is recommended by the material and its level of sensitivity. In each category, it is necessary to think about the frequency of use of each of them. Depending on it, you get the value of the piece, and the second time,” he said. Of course, because it’s a pair of old shoes is not the same as, for example, a stock bought for a trip that other people might not find it somewhere else on the internet.

3) do Not take up space for nothing

If there are parts that definitely not, you will only use for one occasion or the season, such as summer clothes or a dress from the gala, there is no need to keep them in the closet. You can put a box around everything, or put into bags, sealed in such a way that it will only be in view of all the parts that you like to use, and you can combine it with frequency.

4 – make use of the space

“All of the hangers should be the same [para o mesmo lado] also, in the drawers, it should be taken horizontally to be able to see all the parts that we use, it focuses on Eliza. In this way, you don’t have to do everything is a disaster at the time, in search of our favorite pieces. There are also organizers for shoes and coat hooks for use with the cabinet on its vertical space. In addition to this, it is recommended to have special equipment and is gentle on the top of it, covered in plastic, as well as to the organizers, depending on which of the available space.

5 – to Keep it that way please, please, please

Don’t you have the sense to leave anything on the order of two weeks, the cabinet will be a mess.This is why you have to understand that, in accordance with the method chosen and the tools provided along a separate color, and so on), which piece will go where. There is also a need to take a closer look at the cabinet on a quarterly or semi-annually so you know what parts to let you pose and, once again, to clean up and donate clothes that deserve a second chance at life.

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