Adele and Jennifer Lawrence have all the fun in the bar of new york; here’s the video 23/03/2019


Jennifer Lawrence and the Stars within the night from the patrons of a bar in New York city yesterday. The actress and the singer, that they like each other, we had fun a lot – and, to our great joy, a great deal has been recorded on social media.

The two of you were in the Edit Bar, and a bar located in the heart of Greenwich Village. There, there, Jennifer, and Rumor has it that caught your attention and you are invited to participate in the games from the hostess, to the project of The Brita Filter.

The singer took part in a prank that involved drinks, and he was thrown to the ground by her friend after they go wrong. “How could you lose it?”, cried She playfully. In the meantime, the drag is a joke, with one of the film’s most famous actress: “She is the ‘the Hunger Games'”.

Crushed stone have arrived for which She is also involved in the play, but Rumor has it that something, “She’s engaged, p****”. “It doesn’t have anything to do with my abilities as an alcoholic,” said the actress, who in February became the bride First, Maroney.

Check out the videos from the night: