Amazon remains the most valuable brand in the world of retail


In the the ranking of the 75 most valuable retailer in the world, held on an annual basis by the WPP/Kantar -” BandZ Retail in 2020″, for the Amazon, it appears, again, as a retailer, the most valuable in the world, valued at more than 415 billion dollars (up from 383 billion, representing an increase of 32% compared to the 315 billion, which was there exactly a year.

In second place is china’s Alibaba, is evaluated in “merely” a total of 152 billion u.s. dollars (about 140 billion euros). We say “mere” because, even with a growth of 16% (16 percentage points below the growth in Alibaba, the group co-founded by Jack Ma, is located far away from the north american, led by Jeff Bezos).

The last place on the podium, it appears the Mcdonald’s, which, in spite of a decrease of 1% compared to the the ranking in the past year, it manages to stay in the home of a three-digit number in the billion, that is, reduced from 130 to 129 billion u.s. dollars.

The remaining places in the top 10 is occupied by a Louis Vuitton 51,7 MM in$), Nike (49,9 MM$), Starbucks (of 47.7 MM$) Walmart (45,7 MM)$), Chanel (36,1 MM)$), and Currently is in second place (33 MM)$).


To select the new input (5), four of which are from Asia (1 in china and 3 in japan) and Oceania (Australia).

It is certain that the combined value of the 75 tags for retail, the most valuable BrandZ has increased by 12% in 2019 to 2020, surpassing the us $ 1.5 billion, that is, 1,385 billion euros, of which the players it will appear in the the ranking from the four sub-categories: retail, pure fast-food chainsclothing and accessories, as well as luxury. Of 75 marks in the the rankingThat is , 34 have increased in value this year, showing that when firms can observe, anticipate, and adapt to, can hold an important place in the life of the people,” says the study by the WPP/Kantar. Even though the overall pace of growth has decreased from the previous year, when the Top-75 value went up by 33%, the fact is that, in spite of all the circumstances of the the ranking it is still at 158 billion dollars, more than a year ago.

When you looked at the 10 leading the rankingcan see that they have exceeded the growth seen across the sector this year, with an average increase in the value of the mark at 16.4%.

Grocery stores, convenience stores, department stores, specialists in e-commerce and retail stores of goods of technology are the ones that the BrandZ referred to as the ” pure retail”, that is, from the retailers to the pure, representative of the majority of the the ranking in 2020, as well as the highest value of the rating.

In fact, it is 45 in the “retail clean”, which will appear in the the rankingfollowed by a 12 players the fast-food chainsTo 10, of luxury and (8) of the garment. When analyzing the total value of the four sub-categories, it turns out that, in the retail pure, valley, 63,9% of the total number of 75 participants in the the rankingwhile the fast-food chains valley, up 16.9%, high 11.7%, and garments of 7.5%.

More significant, though, is when you will find that they are in the retail pure, that is, in effect, grow up. That is, while in the luxury of growing at 3.2 percent, clothing 0.4 percent, the fast-food chains fell by 1.8% in the retail pure, grow a few that are relevant to 20.4%.


The authors of this the ranking they note that “we are living in historic times, facing unprecedented challenges to their economies and the lives and day-to-day”. It is certain that it is the sector of retail has been one of the most intensely challenging”. The sudden decline in the retail stores, and the fact that the trips had stopped, reaching out to the segment of luxury clothing, and restaurants, retailers, and pure, saw a surge in demand.

But then again, what is the role of the brand, and they play in this whole scenario? The WPP/Kantar, “the brands are created and promoted by the companies, but it is the place in which they reside, it is in the minds of the general public. The links in the emotional, of which the most successful brands have formed, generally, from generation to generation, enables us to provide not only practical help but also the comfort, hope, and even some relief from the presidency of carlos menem, in a time of crisis”, stress the authors of the the ranking.

For this reason, it is no surprise that they assume that “the more strong and flexible you are the better prepared to survive and thrive, both during and since the crisis”.

In the background, in the whole of the period of upheaval there will be winners and losers. Or, in other words, “some of the brands are going to falter, some to prosper, the right to a response that is creative and agile, it has never been so crucial as now.”