Animal Crossing and other games to attract fashion brands in the world of video games


During the quarantine period, the fashion is finding new ways to interact with their customers. The parades, live, challenges, and podcasts and lives. on Instagram if you have made them. In addition, by means of the gamesthe brands are allowing the players to become free to be creative with looks peace. There, users can either use the tight-lovers, to do what is not possible in a period of social isolation, such as: visiting friends, traveling, and participating in the event.

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In the well-known games such as role-playing games (In the RPG), the user can assume the role of a character and create your own account with the cooperation of the other players. In order to elevate the style, the characters, the fashion designer Sandy Liang, labels, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, and the GCDS and parcel of the world of games more recently.

With the release of New Horizons in the japanese game, Animal Crossing was premiered to the Nintendo console the Switch on the march and in as little as six weeks, and it has become the best-selling game of the year. It wasn’t long before brands embark on a partnership with the the game parts of the high-fashion break the game in order to be used in the format of pixel.

In April, the designer Sandy Liang’s opened a store in the pop-up menu digital, in-game, in collaboration with the site: What Goes Around Comes Around”, the reference to the sale of products from the luxury half-new. The pieces were sold exclusively on the platform, and the result is queues, virtual for nearly two hours, in order to have access to the store.

Sandy Liang
Sandy Liang’s opened a shop in game to sell the products of the iconic brand’s version of the pixelated

Sandy Liang
A stylist from new york is recognized for the mix of materials, colors, and prints are in bold

Other labels that have shaken the she is the Animal Crossing was a Valentino, and Marc Jacobs, the launch of the 20 looks fit for the game at the beginning of may. The collection fashion the platform is supplemented by a collection capsule for the Italian brand, GCDS, a success in style streetwear.

“The GCDS has built up in the course of the year, the community is amazing. We’re loving it to extend the boundaries of GCDS into the digital world, ” said the creative director of the GCDS, G. Calza, in an interview with the portal WWD.

“It’s an adventure, like the Pokemon of the series, it’s one of my favorite childhood memories. The cool thing about this is that you can interact with it and customize your avatar as much as you want. It is essential for the GCDS. In particular, being a novelty is a perfect fit for our brand,” he said.

In addition to the large labels in fashion, the platform is Able to Code the game to allow users to create visual, customized, and with all the versions of the items that are most desired at the moment. Profiles on Instagram, like Nook Street, Market, Animal Crossing, the Fashion Archives, and the Crossing of The Runway, they are developing the parts, and putting the combinations, the stylish orchestral music for the community gamer.

Valentino is another designer brand to embark in the world of Animal Crossing

The platform of the Italian brand, created in 20 looks they allow users to fill them with the style of your characters

Robes have been re-created for the the game

Marc Jacobs
For the designer Marc Jacobs, also has entered into a partnership with the game of the moment

Marc Jacobs
Dresses, jackets, and accessories from the brand are a collection of outfits from the game

Marc Jacobs
The pieces can be combined with items from other labels. The important thing is the creativity

The Bucket hat the GCDS, and a jacket with the logo of the brand can also be selected at the time of mounting the production

In the “real world,” the label’s Italian has been a huge success, with all the parts of the streetwear

A collection of the capsule has been released in Animal Crossing, to bring the style of the characters

The world of games

It’s been a while, that’s the fashion brand’s presence in the world of gaming. So much for the Italian, Louis Vuitton and Nike have partnered up with the games League of Legends (LoL), and Fortnite. What is the ‘ limited edition sneakers Jordan, Jordan the label’s sport, which was a success among the users.

Another one-game championship between the fans of the world, in the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, which is delivered to users in a wide range of possibilities for clothing online. Among the main options are looks from brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Balmain and Karl Lagerfeld.

As the column said, a few brands, selling clothing that only exist in digital form. Experts point out that in 10 years ‘ time, the designs designed for the virtual environment and will gain more and more supporters, and the consumer will be the same as the real models.

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