Artificial intelligence is Frank Sinatra singing the hit from Britney Spears; check it out


For the neural network to a Jukebox, able to create music in the style of more than 9 thousand straps and msicos

At the end of April, and the company is in the development of a inteligncia artificial OpenAI lanou, a new neural network, called the Jukeboxthat you can create a mashup (mix enjoy) and the songs are unique in style and of more than 9 thousand straps and msicos.

In addition, the company has released a list of the tracks as a result of the algorithm is to choose a music and play it in a new gnero, or you can select a track, and plays with an artist from a different style of music, such as a pipe, to Ella Fitzgerald, sung by Cline Dion, for example.

In spite of the feat of incredible technology, the team of the portal of the north american Futurism if he is satisfied with the tracks that are shared by OpenAI. Because of this, and they made a request to the msicos CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski, who are also experts in cincia’s computation, listening to Frank Sinatra sing.”Toxic“of Britney Spears. And they were able to do just that, check it out:

The algorithm that creates it works, enjoy the original style of the band that the there is it raises questions, legal and creative. For example, the artists who made up the Beat to create a certain music, can lay claim to crditos the result? We are living in the beginning of a new era of da indstria musical? It may be necessary to wait to get some of those answers.

“At the moment, there is a lot of creativity in order to exploit to Beat it,” said Zukowski.

Via: Futurism

frank sinatra

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