As it is, the universe of the DC, with the launch of the SnyderCut?


After the release of the movie Justice league of americathe DC he had a clear shift in the movie theaters. The movies followed the template designed by the Zack Snyderafter receiving it difficult for the public and the critics, the company decided a change of scenery, and even actors.

Aquaman and Shazam! these films, with an aesthetic very different from that of the universe, as proposed earlier, with more and more features made by its officers and colors, displaying a freedom in not having to follow the textbook imposed on it earlier. Even the new Wonder Woman 1984, seems to have a tone that is quite different from what’s been released in the trailers and promotional materials.

However, the biggest change has been in respect to the heroes who have played a leading role The Origin of the Justice. In the series of Ben Affleck it was replaced by the Robert Pattinson the future of the ‘Superman’ of the Henry Cavill it was up in the air. The sun had The Witcherthe Netflixpulling away from the image of the Man of Steel, which had no new projects to be announced.

But the confirmation of the release of the SnyderCut you can generate a few changes in the plans of the DC. For example, if the cut is to be a success, maybe it’s Warner bros. think of a merge is based on the idea of Snyder, and with his current plans. In the comics, for example, it is common for there to be more than one version of the hero, such as Batman.

Although I’ve never tried to do this in the movie theaters, DC has done something similar with the Flash. While Allen has continued to be interpreted by the Grant Gustin in a series of The CWthe main character has just been release, and at the same time, with the Ezra Miller in the movie theaters. In fact, the studio even hosted a meeting between the two in a crossover with the TV, proving that there is such as to establish that there are multiple universes and versions of the heroes.

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