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The disclosure that the Justice League of america: Snyder’s Cut will be released on HBO’s Max’s move, with the world of the film and the DC Universe in a way that has come before it.

According to the journalist, and the author of the comic strip as a Justice league of america limitless and X-Men: Nation X, Grace Randolph it was the first one to acknowledge that the Justice League of america: Snyder’s Cut is going to happen on the day before the official announcement was made, he stated on his Twitter account that journalists are working to de-legitimizing this version of the film, even after it has already been confirmed.

According to her, people who were not a part of the story is that I never believed in it, they are now trying to re-enter them, even if they have an “irrational hate” on the film.

It is also stated that the agreement of the actors that was in the roll (it didn’t say if this would be related to the main characters and that the news of the refilmagens’s not going to happen, it’s a lie.

It also discusses the future of film, HBO’s Max, can be derived in two more films, the Justice League 2 and Man of Steel.

“This is the story of the ‘don’t redo the scenes’ that is not true. I have been told that the contracts for the cast are extended. Some people just want to be put into a story because I never believed in, and worked with the Snyder’s Cut is finally happening, but the irrational hate for her has not disappeared, suddenly”

In “the Hollywood Reporter said the picture further. I have heard from another source that WB wants Snyder to put things in to set up a Man of Steel 2 (Man of Steel 2 and Justice League Part 2, so if you’re a huge success, and they will be able to move forward.

We’re going to see that this is the case, but that’s what WB is thinking.”

The information that goes counter to what has been previously disclosed to you by another great journalist in the area of pop culture, Umberto Gonzales (be the first to say that the film was shown to the officers of the WarnerMedia at the beginning of the year), he said on his podcast that Snyder Cut, it would close the circle on this DCEU, and is not used for derivatives, such as the Man-of-Steel-2 in.

It is not yet clear what will be in the form as it will appear on the project. To complete the vision of the director, the studio has delivered some US$20-30 million, which would bring back the original cast, and just record new lines of dialogue. In addition to this, the production can reach, in a version of the full-length feature film, or in the form of a mini-series in six parts.

Away from the movie because of the suicide of his daughter, He and his wife, Deborah Snyder – it has also produced the film – did not finish completely the project. Joss Wheldonthe director of the The avengers and The avengers: Age of Ultronit was called by Warner bros. to re-shoot much of the production, so that the events referred to in the original script of the film, as well as a remake of the scenes important to the plot. Snyder recently revealed that he has never seen the version that went out to the movies, always giving them to understand that I would like to present to the public their vision of the hero.

Justice league of america it received mixed reviews from the media coverage at the time of its release, with a positive focus on the actions of the Gal Gadot (Wonder woman), and Ezra Miller (The Flash), the action sequences and visual effects, while the plot of the narrative, the pacing, the villain and the excessive use of special effects to have been received in a negative way. Taking over The US$ 657 million around the world, and so is the fourteenth full-length feature film of the highest grossing of the year were below expectations for the studio, with losses estimated at between US$ 50 and US$ 100 million), and it is the title of a decline in revenues of the then-universe-extended DC Comics at the movie theater.

Justice league of america: Snyder’s Cut arrives in 2021) in the HBO’s Max.