‘can you imagine what is said off-camera’- OVALE


Agncia O Globo |

In this instance, the Swedish Greta Thunberg, reacted on Saturday to the statement by the minister for the Environment, Ricardo Salles, the brazilian government should take advantage of the attention given to the pandemic of the Covid-19 in order to loosen the regulations. In the speech, it was revealed in the video, in the framework of the ministerial meeting, as disclosed by the decision of the minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), mr. Celso de Mello.

In regard to a story by Reuters about the statement by the brazilian gaap, But has been reproduced in the words of the speech, and asked: “can you imagine what is said off-camera”. The meeting of the ministers for it was written at the request of the president, Jair, jair bolsonaro. Advocate for specific actions to combat climate change, But accused politicians of “playing” with the future of the planet.

The speech can be found at Salles has also had an impact on the international media, who comes in to call attention to the increasing rates of deforestation in Brazil.

“So, you need to have an effort on our here as long as we are in this moment of calm in the aspect of the press coverage, because it is all about the Covid, and pass a herd of cattle, and moving the entire rule, and for simplifying the rules,” said the minister, according to a video released by the Supreme being. The meeting will be appointed by the ex-minister Sergio Moro, as evidence of an attempt of interference from jair bolsonaro on the Police force of the Federal government.

This is not the first time I Actually voted for the person of the year ” by Time Magazine, in 2019, during a part of the brazilian government, in social networks or in interviews. In this instance, the 17-year-old has criticised jair bolsonaro at different times by the brazilian environmental policy. The president even called it “the pirralha” on two occasions, to the public, and the young man begins with irony: he adopted temporarily, in the pejorative as a description for your Twitter profile.