Chanel has announced an increase in prices, and it makes the customers to form lines at the stores

The chanel French, Chanel announced on Wednesday (13/05), it will increase the prices of their bags and leather goods due to the high value of the raw materials used in our products. In addition to the adjustments, which will be around 5%, and 17% already are being felt in France, but you only have to get to the east in the next week or so. The customers of the brand gathered at the doors of their retail stores in China and South Korea in the hope of acquiring the sought-after accessories in the the house prior to that, the cost to jump.

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In South Korea, the new coronavirus has caused some of the 11-thousand confirmed cases and 260 deaths. In this scenario, the city of Seoul, capital of korea, I felt like I was in the urge to go shopping since the beginning of the month, when the government has loosened the guidelines for social distancing.

Gradually, the operations of the luxury of recovering your customers and meeting a few people for a day. However, the increase in the prices advertised by the Chanel is made for the fans of the brand, go to the nearest store, in order to guarantee that the items in the the label prior to the adjustments.

The Facade Of Chanel's
The shops of Chanel re-opened at the beginning of may

Queues in China
The ranks of Chanel, they were shown on the chinese social network

Even though the brand said that prices should not go up more than 17%, expert sites guarantee that the change should come at the consumer end much more important. According to the site, Pursebop, which specializes in handbags, the prices in Sweden may rise more than 25 per cent.

With all the rumors and news that are related to the increase of more than 100 shoppers waited for service at a point-of-sale in Seoul, on this Wednesday (13/05), while two new cases of the Covid and 19 that are linked to the night clubs opened in the city.

The news that the bags are classic, such as 11.12, 2.55, Released Her, and Chanel 19, as well as some smaller leather goods, will be significantly more expensive from next week we’ll have made a queue begins to form at the department store, Lotte), in the heart of the capital of korea, to 5. The customer had to receive the password prior to the opening of the address at 10: 30 am.

Lee, Ji-yeon, 54-year-old, told Reuters that he arrived at about 7: 30 am, as your future son-in-law, was another brand that also sells the products of the the label. Both of them were trying to buy a purse to give as a gift to her daughter, Lee, who had her wedding postponed because of the distance.

The practice of giving the designer bags as a gift to a wedding is a tradition among the upper classes for the republic of Korea. “We’ve been in the store, Chanel a number of times before, but we were undecided on buying it or not. The prices are going to rise, we decided to do it right,” said the customer.

Kristen Stewart's campaign for Chanel's
The stock exchange 11.12 has to be one of the parts that you will need its value to be adjusted

By Christian Vierig/Getty Images
As well as the classic 2.55…

Chanel Bag Boy
… and the Boy

Chanel 19
Chanel 19 and it will be more expensive

The Lotte Department Store, has revealed to Reuters that sales of the items premium grew by 30% between the 1st and 10th of may, as compared with the same period of the previous year. “Luxury products have registered a growth rate unusually high in sales as compared to the other segments. There are only two or three times higher than normal,” said Moon, Ho-ik, the representative of the brand.

The Façade Lotte
The multi-brand luxury Lotte, reported a growth that is unusual for this time of the year

The move is seen by the company, it can also be seen in China, where queues are longer than usual, is also formed in the stores of Chanel. The users of the social network Xiaohongshu reported that they had waited an hour to pay for their purchases, while the pictures show the shops which are overcrowded, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou.

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the city of Zurich, Switzerland, and the properties of the network, of luxury also receive queues on a daily basis. At home, he says that it has implemented the measures for the management of queues in order to minimize the formation of clumps in the stores.

The Facade Of Chanel's Amsterdam
Wait for customer service in the Chanel Amsterdam

The Facade Of Chanel's
Brand says that he is taking all the measures for the protection of

The competition

Louis Vuitton has confirmed to WWD that it adjusted its pricing to two times as long as the pandemic has set in, an increase of 3% in the first quarter and by 5% in may. The popular Pochette Monogram Metis, for example, it came out TO$ 150 more expensive in the stores.

On the other hand, christian Dior, Prada, and Gucci say they do not have plans to change the values of its creations at this time. Even though they have amargado fall in profits for the companies that would benefit from their campaigns to the public in the east.

a woman with a mask and shopping bag
On the back of the Louis Vuitton on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, and has also brought about the agglomeration

The Cut has invested in two ambassadors to the chinese for its beauty and for the past week. The practice of turning to local talent to promote their products and you’ll. The sum total of the followers of the six major ambassadors in China to exceed $ 250 million, to ensure that the sales e-commerce the designer be successful among the fashionistas of the country.

Gucci and Prada are reaping the benefits of actions related to Valentine’s Day in chinese, is celebrated on the 20th of may. The the label led by Alessandro Michele, has hired eight of the ambassadors with much of visibility on the social networks-the eastern, to display the monogram of the house, while a Prada-bet again on the influence of Cai Xukun, in the face of the brand in China, the campaign, the Mathematics of Love”.

The Campaign For Gucci
The singer / actor, chinese, Lu Han, star Valentine’s Day campaign for Gucci

Valentine's day Gucci
Falls Xukun is the main character of the action of the Prada’s in the country

To the highest standards, it had sold$ 2.7 million on the day they re-opened their physical point of Guangzhou, more than a month ago, it has been able to achieve good results in offering the scholarships, more rare in the stores, and the accessible items such as silk scarves, belts, earrings, sandals, and, handbags, on WeChat, or as part of your marketing for Valentine’s Day.

shop Hermes in China,
Gucci had sales millionaire in a re-opening in China

The investment

The desire to preserve items of luxury before the price will be adjusted reflecting the idea that the bags have become a real value for money. To give you an idea of the progression of the piece of Chanel models, Chanel Flap and 2.55, were valued at a total of 440% since the early 1990’s.

The value of a flap bag the average retail on it was about 900 euros in the year 1990. By 2017, the figure is arrived at 3990 euros. Currently, a used copy on sites, retail doesn’t usually get out for less than$ 10 million.

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
The designer bags have become an investment

Unlike the stock exchanges, the stock exchanges in the fashion shown to be “immune” to the coronavirus. In the midst of a pandemic, the output of the items that Chanel and Gucci remained a regular on the website of the reseller Vestiaire Collective, accounting for 17% of sales, in the e-commerce.

On the drive back to their homes, the luxury to increase their prices, without having to worry about the current situation. “In these difficult times for our manufacturers and service providers, it is essential that the republic will continue to support them in the best possible way. In addition, such an arrangement will avoid any differences in excess of the prices between the countries,” said a statement from the tag is sent to the printing press.

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