Companies join forces for the implementation of testing for antibodies against covid-19


Companies in technology, health care, and the networks in shopping malls have joined in on the Movement #2em2, with the aim of offering testing for antibodies against the covid-19 championship in Brazil.

The project is an initiative of the business Vitta, Stone,, Co. in the Query, Rappi, Loggi, a Shopping mall, Iguatemi mall, Things, Son,, XP,, Inc., QR Consulting, NGO, Renovatio, Orbitae, and the Sic Works with the advice of the 8 doctors. The test is bought, another is donated.

The VALLEY BANNER, 1500x1250

The tests will be available through the app, Rappi, to be collected by the medical staff of the Cia. from the Consultation through the drive-thru, the shopping mall, Iguatemi mall in São Paulo, in the day-time and pre-scheduled on the application.

“We understand the importance of the application of the tests, and, for this reason, we have created a button in our app, so that users will be able to afford them, and, as a consequence, you can also donate at the same rate,” said Brad Park, the president of the Rappi Brazil. The tests are to be donated to hospitals and charities.