Criticism But the Goes-West – Comedy with a touch of suspense to the Series


Post, like, comment on, react to, think about the time of the posts, the language used to create engagement, to use the filters, follow all the right people to generate your content. Social media, in addition to bringing people together, they have increasingly become the tools of interaction, and the promotion of the products, and also images that are personal to you. All of this leads to a legion of fans and followers, due to the approximation of a direct connection with the people they admire, sometimes they have a hard time understanding the difference between admiring one of his idols and, in fact, be a close personal friend of his. This is the argument of the ‘But The Goes-West’ new comedy-drama, which will be in the book of the Netflix.

But Thornburn (Aubrey Plazais a young man with serious issues of self-esteem, stalkeou as much an influencer of the Instagramthat ended up having to be admitted to the hospital to treat their condition. Once you get high in the Woods back to the house for the desolate, until she finds in a magazine an article about the photographer Taylor’s Right (Elizabeth Olsen), who lives in Venice, California. From there But turn all your energy to your new associates and will do everything it can to become the best friend of the Taylor.

The theme is a simple and highly is the reason that ‘But The Goes-West’ we do a lot of work. So good-natured, and very acidic, the play shows the dangers of constant exposure to the virtual, and of the great need for the younger generation to have the pre-ci-sar for the approval of the people, to all of approval that comes from liking, commenting, hasthtags, emojis, and, of course, the numbers of followers.

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So much Aubrey Plaza the Elizabeth Olsen they are extremely comfortable in their roles, and representing them with a lot of ease and leading to a long experience. The two main characters are so likeable, that most likely people will recognize them in some way. Goes out there is also the merit of the script David Branson Smith and Matt Spicerthat has built up in a story, completely believable, and insert real life situations, and of which the succession to cause a variety of sensations in the viewer.

The direction of the Matt Spicer based on the competent performance of the major causes of the ‘But The Goes-Westa chronicle of contemporary youth. No if it was in the big scenes, the film is helped by the editing, which inserts the elements of the virtual world in the movie, and the soundtrack is very popular.

Kind of making a mess with all my feelings – good and bad – the film still finds room to play around with setting the youth up by the super-heroes, by the character of Dan Pinto: (O’shea Jackson, Jr.and the many lies they tell you on the internet. In spite of arriving in Brazil without a title in Portuguese, ‘But The Goes-West’ it’s a pleasant surprise that is worth to be given.

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