Dance of the masks. When the guard is dancing in the fashion


Surely, you’ve noticed in the past few weeks, ever since the 3rd of may it is mandatory for the use of masks in the social community and within the interior of the establishments are closed and public transportation, which is becoming more and more of the people on the cover, the cover fabrics, patterns and colors of the more-or-less eye-catching and the garridos, which they claim tastes, personalities and states of mind. And there are even those who combine the shades with the clothing that you use each and every day. But can we even call it a “fashion” to these shades, which are expected to serve, first and foremost, to protect those who use them and the people around them to the new coronavirus? As stated, the iconic French fashion designer Coco Chanel, “A fashion that does not reach the streets is not, can not be called fashion.” It is also true that the masks industry are in force on the streets, to suit all tastes and sizes. Even the luxury brands have made the need for a new business opportunity creative.

Louis Vuitton has created the protective masks that are made from genuine leather, the $ 200 (184 euros) to each of them. But these specimens are not for sale in the market, the French brand that is available only to customers with special requirements. As is the case with the australian model Jessica Hart, who, at the end of the march he shared with a selfie with one of these masks on the day of his birthday. The american singer and actress Miley Cyrus, also, if it is photographed with a different issue as he had to go to a meeting… with an attack of the flu.

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