Demo of the Iron Man VR-the PlayStation is available free of charge


If you’ve ever dreamed of dressing up in the armor of “Iron Man”, and now you can do it (something like that) to do this. The PlayStation VR game, virtual reality, announced today the release of the game Marvel”s Iron Man VR-the 3rd of July.

Game, Marvel Comics The disclosure

Prior to the official debut of the game, however, all of the gamers with sony’s VR will be able to download the demo for free, and a tutorial mission, an interactive movie, and the other three of the “quests” which involve in-fighting, and flying with the armor ultratecnol√≥gica.

Game, Marvel Comics The disclosure

The VALLEY BANNER, 1500x1250

When you download the demo, you will a suit of armor, exclusive, custom-tailored to integrate with your team line-up.

With the help of the PlayStation promises a game filled with “the humor, excitement, and suspense,” for any fan of Tony Stark’s defect.

The game requires a system consisting of the PlayStation 4, sony’s PlayStation VR, PlayStation Camera, and two, the controls of the PlayStation Move motion controller.

Check out the trailer below: