Drake has an excuse to call out Kylie Jenner for a lover


Fueling the rumors that she went out with Kylie Jenner, soon after her separation from Travis Scott, Drake has apologized for referring to the filming of cosmetics, such as her ‘lover’ in a new song, which they conveyed to their fans online this week.

The hip hop music in the canadian 33-year-old played the song with the collaboration of the Future, for a Live Instagram on Wednesday (20th) in the evening, getting immediately to a negative comment on the subject.

A snippet of the song, it says:

“Yes, yes, I am an enemy of the society… That’s a sh*. Kylie Jenner is just a job, and yes, I do have over 20 years ‘cursed Kylies'” Drake points out in the course of the song.

Drake did not speak only of the Case, but it’s also about her sister, Kendall Jenner, and his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid:

“Yeah, me too, I have a 20 ‘cursed Kendalls’. Bad girls, young, and thin, because they are in fashion … yes, Yes, I, too, have ’20 damn Gigis’.

After being criticized by the fans, for the entrepreneur, 22-year-old Drake used his Instagram to apologize for playing the song, and it says that the letter was an old one that was leaked for the first time in three years.

“A song that came out last night on the set, it shouldn’t have been playing,” he wrote. “It’s a form of music that has been screened for three years and dropped slightly thereafter. It simply went too deep into the catalog, Drake / Future. The last thing you want to do is what a few of my friends, if you feel disrespected, then you want to tell it to start the day,” he said.

As Drake says, “the song has been leaked for more than three years, the sources of the newspaper” New York Post, to ensure that Kylie Jenner and Drake got out shortly after the end of his relationship with the father of her daughter, Lisa, Scott, but that ended as soon as the media found out and the two of them together.

Kylie Jenner does not make any comment on the issue. According to NW, is that the advantage is too busy planning her life after the end of the quarantine.

A source told us that the manager is ‘desperate’ to go back to the plastic surgeon after the end of the pandemic. Allegedly, she has gained weight and is not good about it: “you’re Already counting down the days for the doctor to attend to it,” says the source.

“The current global financial crisis is ruining all of your hard work [do corpo perfeito]and now, she seems to be beyond recognition,” said the source, referring to the recent photos of Kylie’s ‘completely different’.

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