Dwayne Johnson and his team will remind us of the work in Moana


Moana (Picture: Handout)

As part of its special programming, the station of the american TV ABC, you are viewing the special Wonderful World of Disney, with films, animations and documentaries. For the first time in the movie Moana – the Sea of Adventure it was shown on a tv in the open, and they took care of all of those involved share their memories, and even part of the creative process in the long time.

The film has been shown on the tv a short introduction of Dwayne Johson, saying, as he liked to be a part of the project. It has given birth to the demigod Maui, and it was praised by the composer of the film, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who made it a point to explain the process and the composition of the song, You’re Welcome! (For Nothing, in the Portuguese version, sung by Saulo Vasconcelos) on the social networks.

“It has never been so easy to write a song, and You’re Welcome. I’ve seen several builds of The Rock’s singing on Youtube for the first time as WWE has to have a sense of your vocal range. He is the only person who could ever do this song, and do you still continue loving him,” he told the staff to say that any other person in the place of the Rock it would sound somewhat arrogant, and then he shared a photo of the both of them in the studio for the recording of the song.

Auli’i Cravalho, that is, the voice of the Moana, also recalled their time in the studio, and posted a picture alongside Dwayne Johnson in a joint interview about the film. To take advantage of the moment, Disney has also released images concept of the film, the images before the animation is done.

When the actors come in to do the voices of the characters, they don’t have any reference as to not be in this concept art, it shall be placed throughout the studio for the recording of the audio so that they can see how your cast of characters. The Pixar that is common that the animation will only be done after the vocals and the songs are fully recorded, so that the staff can measure the correct movement of the mouth of the characters.