Emotion, color, and Instagram. This is a project of the illustration you want to talk to you about the anxiety – the Observer

Anxiety is the word, hidden, and shameful that it hangs over the very head of that thought, he took two friends, 28-year-old to work with what I had on hand. A account of Instagram, Mariana Barbosa Pereira, and Laura was Introduced to talk about the subject, but more than that they communicate to the emotions, and venting it through the illustration. An ins Pira was born on the 22nd of march, and now has more than 1,500 followers.

“For many years, we are dealing with the anxiety and begins to explain the Marian, with a degree in the field of business administration and is currently living outside of the country. “We talked always about it, and that the share was already in therapy. But we are also realizing that there is a lot of shame is associated with anxiety, and it is a pity that there is this kind of a layer, and dramatic, and the grey on the back of it,” he goes on, in an interview with the Observer.

Together, they decided that the best remedy was, as it were, between friends, get people to talk about the subject. Laura, a designer and an illustrator, he designed the characters diverse, and no gender. “I don’t feel like I — there’s no better phrase to describe the disconnection of the mental and the physical that we can feel when we are anxious. We’re not thinking with our heads, don’t we feel it in our body, it can be read in one of the publications made over the past couple of months.

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To make the messages useful, and the surefire, and the two of my friends have, with the help of a clinical psychologist. The happy to help does have an impact, however, is a matter that is already included in the field of mental health, the responsibility as well. “Thank you so much for your project. Sometimes we think that we are the only ones living in that bubble, but in the end we are the many”, it responds by a user to a publication. “Well, thank you. The work’s incredible,” commented another user.

In the figure, whether it’s animated or not, kim and Laura have found a way, “more light and less drama” than to deal with the issue. “We are trying to put it in a simple way, which is very complex, and it is in your head,” continues Marian. Still, the pursuit for illustration, it was also a challenge. The use of colour, you can unlock the emotions and to soften the often hard and difficult, but the two friends never wanted the final result to be childish or inappropriate to the reality of life.

In the project, (ins), the Pira began to be thought of in the beginning of the year, but the pandemic has speeded up the process. Speak for a lot of people locked up in the house and is in need of a sudden even more pressing, to get the message that nobody is alone in this.” “People can feel free to talk with us and many believed that they were the only ones to feel this. But you can’t take an approach that’s as personal, and in those cases, we refer them to a therapist,” he says.

Mental health has been the subject of public debate. All over the world, celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Gisele Bundchen, and Sara Sampaio has spoken out about his own problems, but also of a stigma to deal with. As for the specific case of anxiety disorders, Kandall Jenner is the latest to tackle the subject, in the latter end of the week. After a childhood spent learning how to control your panic attacks, Jenner revealed on a television show, they went back to when her career started to grow, and for the last three years.

An ins Pira is now looking to extend the message and is holding a contest for the illustration. In collaboration with the O Gallery, amateurs and professionals alike are challenged to respond to the question: “what is anxiety to you? The initiative will run until next Sunday, the 24th of may, the deadline for the submission of proposals, and to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, sponsored by the uk’s Mental Health Foundation.

“It’s open to anyone, not just artists. And this year it is devoted to the illustration of it, but we want you to join us in other areas, such as the fashion, it’s who you know”, explains Mariana. On the 3rd of June will be announced three winners, a victory symbolic of what it will take for the job in question is for an exhibition of digital, was created by the O Gallery.