Fashion: how will the consumer behaviour after the quarantine?


In the past few days, we’re keeping track of the partial reduction of social isolation in Europe, with the re-opening of the shops and terrazas of restaurants in both France and Spain. No mention of it here in Brazil, we’re looking at there, in an attempt to try to understand the behavior of the people in the exit phase of the host state. We are looking forward, hope that all goes well. This is an important step that business owners and employees are going to understand, and to experience in practice what changes have to be made.

The lines at the port of Zara, and Louis Vuitton in France this week have shown that many of them felt in the mood to go shopping on the first day they could get out of lockdown for the things that are not essential. Yes, there was a line and, in the case of some of the units of Zara, in Paris, France, for the people, they have failed to comply with the direction of the distance, as they showed a lot of videos that were circulated on social media. These images have been used by policymakers around the world who thought those of you who want to buy something, as if they represented the majority of the population, and if they were to blame for the lack of hope in humanity.

Yes, some of you may think that people don’t want to do it with the same program or have the same desires as in the past. Some of you may think that it’s the first thing people are going to want to do this in the quarantine will be going to the beach, go for a swim. But, if the beaches had been packed with the same opinion you probably would be criticized in the same way.

So very early on life is not back to normal, as we knew it, but it is likely that the wishes of the people, nor change radically in a period of three months. Pleasures, such as going to a bar or a restaurant, or purchase apparel and accessories from that brand that you like will certainly be on the agenda for many of the when the trade re-opening. And it’s all good, it’s the flow that’s going to help them re-establish their businesses, and to contribute to the maintenance of jobs and the recovery, little by little, out of the economy. However, as I’ve written in another column, and if you’re a consumer or you are at a restaurant and when we come out of isolation, all the while respecting safety and security for the public health, seeks to recognize small businesses and entrepreneurs in the local, the neighborhood, the ones that need it the most for all of us.

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A friend who owned a restaurant in Spain, just in front of the beach, said that in its first week of operation following the re-opening, he had an income that is similar to the operation of the restaurant during the same period of the previous year. That’s 50% of the tables available, which was able to open up to the balcony, and still had to increase the distance between desks, to two meters in length. Out of curiosity, I asked him how he was able to close the account.

He told me that it has reorganized its business. Instead of focusing on the food, and he is now focusing only on the operation of a bar, the one that makes your life less complex in the kitchen, it requires a smaller number of employees, and less investment in the system. “It’s the way that you operate safely for the customer, and also as I have found a way to recover all the bills from the restaurant,” he said.

The other point that he highlighted, and you can give us a clue as to the behavior of the consumer is that, after more than two months, trancafiados in the house, and the spaniards want to celebrate with a little bit of life, with small pleasures, such as drinking a beer in a restaurant on the sea front, and buy a gift for yourself. So, let’s be a little more at home, and soon, little by little, we will continue our a little bit of the “normality” of life.

Julia Golldenzon it is designer specializing in parties and brides. Graduated in Social Communication at PUC-Rio, she worked on brands such as a Farm, and Her Picture, and, since 2013, has a studio in Ipanema, which takes its inme.

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