Fda warns about increased toxicity cleaning products


In order to reduce the risks to health that are caused by an increase in the exposure to the toxic by-products of the cleaning in the country, the brazilian health surveillance agency (Agência Nacional de vigilância Sanitária) published a Technical Note (NT) 11/2020, which will alert the general public about the growing number of cases of poisoning.

According to the Fda, although there is no information to show the definitive bond between the exposure and the effort of cleaning and disinfection to prevent the spread of the covid-19, there seems to be a temporal association with an increase in the use of the product.

The document guides on the use and adequate storage of the so-called sanitizing products, namely, sanitizers for use in the home, which contain no substances or preparations intended for cleaning and disinfection.

The note has been prepared on the basis of data from the Centers for Information and Assistance as May be (CIATox). “In order to get an idea of the growing number of cases of poisoning, between January and April of this year, the CIATox were given to 1,540 records of poisonings due to cleaning products, involving adults, an increase of the equivalent of 23.3%, as compared to the same period of 2019, and the 33,68%, compared to the year 2018,” according to the Fda.

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With regard to young children, were reported 1.940 cases, an increase of 6,01% and 2.7%, as compared to the 2019 and 2018, respectively. According to the Agency, the figures show that the domestic accidents involving exposure to toxic substances and chemicals is more frequent with children, and, therefore, there is a need to provide more care to the children.


1. – Keep your cleaning products out of the reach of children and pets. These products are able to attract the attention of especially young children, from 1 years up to 5 years of age or older.

2 – do not store these products in different containers and not properly labeled.

3 – to Supervise the children, allowing them to have access to the environments in which these products are stored.

4 – don’t let the detergents and cleaning products, in general, under the sink or on the floor in the bathroom.

5 – please Read and follow the instructions provided on the label of each product.

6 – do not allow the mixing of the chemicals.

7 – make sure the ventilation when handling these products that are designed to clean, sanitize, and disinfect it.

8 – Discard the empty containers. This is because they are left with the waste, or waste products. Dispose of the empty container, preferably one making use of the system of selective collection of waste, so as to be separated from the organic waste.