Fellow of the cast of the new movie Cameron Boyce opens up about the death of the actor


Do the eight-months that the Cameron Boyce he died, but it still has the new job of it was released. The movieRunt“ that the voice actor recorded a few months before we leave, he made his debut on 29 February, in the The Mammoth Film Festival.

In accordance with the Deadline, Cameron plays a teenager named Cal who has suffered the accident of concern, and this has caused him to become a cold person, and very angry.

Nicole Elizabeth Bergerhis fellow cast members opened up about how it was to work with the star of “the Descendants,” from the Disney Channel, in an interview with the PopCulture.com

“Ever since the first time I read the script, I knew that it would be a dramatic story about the challenges faced by adolescent girls. I knew that Cameron was a new, bright star, or at least I thought I knew him. But, really, I met him on the set, and I saw him make a smooth transition to a part that requires him to focus and to be serious in nature ”

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“He was dedicated, committed, and, occasionally, doing intervals, for playing basketball on the set. Cameron was charismatic and genuine, and he didn’t have a big ego. He wasn’t selfish, and he wanted to be treated like everyone else. “

Cameron passed away at the age of only 20 years of age in July 2019 at the latest, after having a seizure while he was sleeping. He was suffering from epilepsy.

The actress also spoke about the sudden death of the actor.

“I was in denial for a long time. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never been able to really say goodbye.”

The death of the actor, it was a real shock to the whole world. We hope to be able to kill a bit of the nostalgia of Cameron in his new job, which seems to be amazing.

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