For Scarlett Johansson’s been the fans that have made the Black Widow has ceased to be a “sexy secretary”

At an event in Los Angeles, california, to actress Scarlett Johansson, who plays Black Widow in the film series of Marvel comics, said the character started out as a sort of ‘sexy secretary’, and has become a part of the team, and for Johansson, it was thanks to the fans and to the general public. All the information is in the PACKET.

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The actress said, “It started out as a sexy secretary with her special skills […] When we saw her next in ‘The Avengers’ it was one of those guys, for better or for worse, and it all made sense at the time [2012]”.

She also went on to say that they think “the fans and the public have of the Marvel universe, and all of the studios and the filmmakers put on the screen that represents the zeitgeist. They wanted to watch movies, and run multiple, which represent their aspirations and how they feel,” and he concluded by saying, “the character has grown in response to this, as well as the films also increased, with the encouragement of the fans.”

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