Get to know Boobie Was her influencer-of-fashion-bomb on Instagram – 18/05/2020


Boobie Others, has become a name that is increasingly relevant when it comes to producing fashion content on Instagram. With a looks of stylish and wearing high-end designer labels such as Channel, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton, the dog can be considered to be an influencer of the environment. His profile on the social network that has over 200 thousand followers.

With the combinations, the bold, the looks of a Boobie Was quite effective in conveying the essence of your personality. In the description of the social networking site, the phrase that defines it is: “I Am my own wife”.

Your captions always bring a message of self-worth.

“When I put on that suit and purple a few months ago, I was just a girl, standing in front of the world, asking you to use more colors. But I had no idea that it would take me this far. Thank you for being on this wild ride with me,” he said in your profile when you achieve the mark of 100 thousand followers.

While in quarantine, it’s hard not to identify with it.

“When I go into the call with the video turned off”

Tips for self-care always to make it a success.

“Please take care of yourself”

Amazing, just.

“One day, you should stabilize their life and get married with a rich man. And I said, ‘Mom, I’m a rich man.'”