Globoplay under attack from hackers, and shows that action has affected the data of the subscriber


Globoplay (Photo: Handout)

The users of the application Globoplay it took them a fright in the night of the last Saturday (the 16th), after they receive a message saying that the platform of the streaming the world had been taken over by a so-called ” attack of the hackers.

The subscribers have received, at that time, a notification with a message to the suspect, ” signed by a group who call themselves OurMine, who were also using the hashtag #GshowHack. The fact that had an impact on the social networks, and many users went into a panic not knowing if the attack was real, and if their mobile phones were compromised. The others came to lift the whole thing don’t pass on a marketing strategy for the marketing of a new product.

The attack, however, was not performed for the purpose of stealing information of the users of the service, Video-On-Demand (VOD), and yes, you do, a warning about the vulnerability of the system. The group that used to do actions such as these in the networks of the large media groups, technology companies, and famous, with a view to calling attention to “enhance the security” of the application.

This Sunday (the 17th), the Globoplay issued a press release in which is informed about the hacking attack, and has ensured that the design of the platform has not been affected, and to ensure that the data of their users were not put at risk.

In spite of the ruling, the claims continued to be on the social networks, and many have threatened to cancel the service. In the video, so, you sent an e-mail to your subscribers, since this Monday (the 18th), in which he emphasized that the system had not experienced a breach, and that the customers were protected, then there is no need to stop using the platform because of this reason.

“We stress that the system of sending messages that do not have any connection to the database Globoplay, and all of the information is still preserved, and protected, in a totally safe environment. At the same time, we would like to reassure you and confirm that no data has been leaked, and the platform can be used without any risk to the user. In case you have uninstalled the app, re-download it with security and to continue to enjoy us with your favorite series”read the Globoplay in the text.

The subscribers of the Globoplay received a message from the hacker (Picture Playback)

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#Repost @globoplay ・ ⚠️ An important piece of information for our users: The system will send the push notifications to the Globoplay which is managed by a partner company, has been the subject of an action to cibervandalismo on Saturday night, 16/5. The attackers sent two different messages that direct the user to the web site of the organization. The Globoplay it regrets the incident, apologized to all their users, and shed light on the following: 1 – No system in the world, or the Globoplay has been hacked. The security breach was limited to the company’s business partner is responsible for sending push notifications; (2) No information from users, subscribers or not, may have been compromised. The system push notifications do not connect to databases of all users, and not the other. The raiders were limited to the sending of the message to the whole of the base, which is called, technically, broadcast, push, ensuring that the recipient has been on an individual basis. 3 – is there any risk in using the Globoplay, on any platform. It is not necessary to uninstall the app or change the password. (4) The user shall delete the notifications, the text of which begins with a “Hacked by…”. These notifications will direct the user to the web site of the attacker. (5) The Globe-and the Globoplay take the safety and security of its users and customers very seriously. We recognize the inconvenience caused, but we stress that: no data on our users has been compromised. The incident was limited to the I / o system, and a single one, has already been identified and eliminated. 6 – We will be working both internally and with our partners in order to strengthen security measures to minimize the risk of further incidents.

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