I scale, actors, and comedians, to live by the charity of a ‘Proud Nerd’

The web site I are preparing for a live-in weight-for-celebrate-the-Day for the Proud Geek, who is celebrated worldwide on the 25th of may. In addition to providing hours of fun, with the actors, youtubers and comedians known throughout the whole country, the live broadcast will raise and contribute fully in their gains for anti-coronavirus.

On the basis of 16 hours, in the opinion of the site to create a virtual meeting on the official channel of the I (youtube.com/omeleteve). They will need the help of guests such as the actors Cauã Reymond e Rodrigo Lombardi; in the comics Caito Mainier, and Daniel Furlan, the youtuber Philip Castanhari and journalists Tiago Leifert e Gabriel Prioli. The cast members of the collective as a comedian back Door, it also has a presence, with skits fun to cover live.

The collection will go to the social organization and Generating Grade (https://gerandofalcoes.com/coronanoparedao – which has been collecting donations to purchase food baskets that will be donated to the families of the poor communities in various Brazilian states.

As soon as the prescribed six hours of the broadcast, the public will be able to keep track of the small shows, discussions, games, questions and activities, and involving the whole of the world of nerd culture.

The SuperLiveNerd will be broadcast on the 25th of may, from 16, with a presentation by Marcelo Forlani, Natália Bridi, Marcelo, Hessel and Patricia Gomes.

The VALLEY BANNER, 1500x1250