Jackpot | Sony is a film about a heroine of the world of Spider-Man


According to the information of the Deadlinethe Sony Pictures it is now developing a film focusing on the superheroine The Jackpot for the reason that of Spider-Man. One of the people responsible for the comic book character Marc Guggenheimwill be the presenter.

The game is a super-heroine with the strength of an exceptional, created in 2008 by the Marvel Comics. Known in Brazil as part of the Lottery, the first version was, as Sara Ehret, a scientist responsible for a gene therapy during the pregnancy, it is exposed to “lot 777”, a virus that has rewritten all of the DNA in all your cells. Her baby was born healthy, but, as it turned out, in addition to being a new mother, and also possesses superhuman strength. Eventually the mantle of the heroine was passed to the Camera the Rise of a friendly, ambitious, who takes on the character, but it must take a human growth hormone, mutant, to live up to the superhuman abilities of the super-heroes. However, the Rise of the dead when it is joined to the Spider-Man to track down the villain. Ehret, guilt, return to work, while keeping your identity secret while you are creating a family, and in the fight against crime.

The creator of the seriesThe Arrow“, The Guggenheim has produced a number of episodes of the tv series “The Legends of Tomorrow“, “Batwoman” and – “CSI: Miami“. It is also responsible for the screenplay of “thePercy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters” and a few episodes of the series DC the channel The CWincludingBatman” and – “The Flash“.

Currently, the Sony you own the rights to the Spider-Man and many other characters from the stories of the hero. By way of an agreement, Sony and Marvel Studios they produce together the film, Spider-Man, Tom Holland, but in the movie land of the villains, and the “With Spider-man in the Aranhaverso” they are exclusively produced from the Sony.

The next two projects The Sony-Marvel Comics the premiere is “Morbius” and “Venom ” to Destroy”on march 19 , 2021, and on June 25, 2021, respectively. As regards the works, in development, very little is known. In February, a new date for the film The Sony-Marvel Comics it had been added to the schedule in 2021, the studio, with some speculation as to what the film would deal with it, but nothing has been confirmed yet. In addition to this, in march, it was announced that Roberto Orci, writer / producer / editor “It’s Amazing Spider-Man 2”it would be responsible for the other project. Recently, S. J. Clarkson (seriesBy Jessica Jones) it was confirmed to be the director of a movie based on a female character from the universe of Spider-Man. Rumors suggest that the adaptation will be centered on Madame Web, recurring figure in the stories of the hero.

The film is focused on the Jackpot, you still don’t have a premiere date.