Jason Momoa yells out asking for the release of Snyder’s Cut of Justice League of america


To add more chapters to the novel, the Snyder’s Cut), the cutting of the Justice league of america for Zack SnyderJason Momoa has made the two stories of today (the 19th), calling for the release of the long scale. The video, which was posted on Instagram of the actor, it can be checked out below:

“We’ve been sitting around doing nothing at all. Let the m** of Snyder’s Cut! Am I right? Lançem soon. What are you waiting for? It has cool stuff in there. I’m here talking about it, waiting for them, because most of the things that I speak about if you make it like that, so I hope this will happen to you. Let it go with the Snyder’s-Cut down, down, down!”it , says the actor.

Recently, speculations have circulated that the Zack Snyder he did a private session for your long-at the beginning of the year 2020 and involving the executive in the DC. This means that Snyder is presenting to the court a distribution, and the film may finally be released to the public.

At the present stage, this is just a rumor. The very acknowledgement of the existence of the Snyder’s Cut, that just happened to speak to the cast and the director, but it seems that she is, in fact, there is a lot of material written, and until it has been finalized.

The case of the Warner Bros. you decide to actually launch the feature, so it can happen either on the deck of the streaming HBO’s Max and in the movie theaters, but that’s probably just when the theaters opened again. The studio is already dealing with the possibility of further delays because of the coronavirus, with Tenet, the new film from the Christopher Nolan, so there is no risk to put out a new version of the Justice league of america on the big screen during a pandemic.

The campaign The Release Of The Snyder’s Cut)that calls for the release of the managing director, has been released for fans on posters around California, which is funded by its own supporters. We were deeply moved by the suicide of the daughter of Snyder, who walked away from the project in the DC area, and the movement has helped to raise more than The US$ 100 million for the prevention of suicide, with the fans rallying to the cause.

Joss Whedon has taken over the filming of the Justice League after the departure of Snyder, but the backlash surrounding the movie has spurred on the rumors surrounding the release of the original long form. The film was released in November of 2017, and has raised some of the The US$ 657 million in the world, as long as it was in the poster.