Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s live in love and with the blessing of the George Clooney – the liver


Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, and they continue to stir in the international press. The former couple, who have remained in the marriage in the years between 2000 and 2005, and has been responsible for one of the most newsworthy reconciliation in the world.

According to the international press, the pair of actors, which looks to be increasingly more close to, he set out on a trip for two to a destination in Italy.

Decided to take advantage of your time in the joint, Aniston and Pitt were staying at the luxurious mansion of George Clooney, on the lake of como.

“George is so happy and excited about the re-engagement of Jennifer and Brad’s, which he opened up his home for the parents to enjoy a few days of relaxation and peace of mind,” said a source to the press release, which ensures that Clooney is one of the main supports of the bed.

Along the way, the players have failed to live the moments of one of the most discreet and quiet, away from the spotlight. Between the hiking, boating, and picnics in the open air, Pitt and Aniston show up, each time closer, and be willing to live with the love that holds them together. “Brad is very happy at the side of her bed. He wants to take advantage of every second of this precious time together.”said to be the same as the source.

It will be recalled that the re-engagement of Aniston and Pitt, came into being after the divorce of Angelina Jolie. The couple prefers to keep a low profile, and live out the relationship in secret because of the controversial.