Jennifer Lopez discusses ‘the phantom’ in his photo on Instagram


Fans of Jennifer Lopez has proved that they have eyes, well aware, after the singer has published a new photo on the web.

As long as she was posing in front of a mirror, something that got more attention than she has so few internet users: a mysterious man, who came from behind in the past.

Some of the followers of JLo became frightened and asked who he was, as it seemed to be an intruder, or someone looking for the artist of the window.

The gossip was soon formed, in the comments on the posts, but the star decided to calm everyone down and explain to the story during an interview for The Tonight Show.

In a chat with Jimmy Fallon, she told him that her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, I was talking to a video conference, Zoom in and this is what appeared in the picture.

“I don’t know what he was doing, if he was sneezing or coughing… it Was someone else in the real estate business, with whom Alex was in the Area, he said.

To raise a family

The pandemic of the new Coronavirus does not has only the plans for the wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. The couple was getting ready to go up to the altar in a ceremony that is luxurious in Italy at the beginning of summer.

According to the tabloid, The National Enquirer, the COVID-19 and they made the bride and groom to postpone their plans to have a child together.

They were in the process of hiring a ‘surrogate motherhood’ in order to have a baby or two together, and with the outbreak of the disease first arrived in the United States of america.

A source of the publication to ensure that J-Lo and A-Rod deferred to 2021, since you don’t want to put anything at risk as the world’s attempts to control the spread of the respiratory virus.

The couple already have children from previous relationships. She is the mother of twins, Max and Emme, aged 12, from her marriage to Marc Anthony, and, Well, Ella, aged 12, and Natasha, 15, with his ex, Cynthia Scurtis.

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