JoJo Siwa reveals why Miley Cyrus to be his biggest inspiration, and we can’t afford to disagree with


The JoJo Siwa it is one of the biggest revelations of the children and youth of the past few years. The girl is only 16 years old and is an american actress, dancer and singer who became well-known through the reality tv show “Dance Moms“. The tsp has become a star of the internet, and even earned his own series in the Apart. Those who can, you can!

+ JoJo Siwa treading on me that they are accusing you of changing your style up with the video icon at the TikTok

But his career started because of one other star that has made a huge success with the public, children, and adolescents: Miley Cyrus. In a recent interview with the Access Hollywood, JoJo has revealed the reason why the protagonist in “Hannah Montana” to be your friend.

“It is, of course, the reason why I’m doing what I do now. I mean, I was obsessed with ‘Hannah Montana’ when I was younger, and you know it, you’ll never know how a person is going to be, both personally and in the end it’s too much, that’s very exciting.”

The two met in march, when we were rehearsing in the same studio, and, of course, JoJo had asked her to take a fotinho with the Music and it was revealed that the meeting will become on your special day.