“Jumanji: the Next Phase” is all that a sequel has to be


It all started
a magical game board, with two of the children of the human race is subject, which
he was trapped in there for decades to come. I’m talking about the “Jumanji”.

The classic
starring Robin Williams, has won the Channel (Like the 530’s of Course), and a
especially in the lives of so many people over the course of several generations.And, for more than twenty
years later, the concept was redesigned. Jumanji went to the board game
for the video game.

In the
the first film in the realm of Jumanji, came pro in the real world, at the “Jumanji:
Welcome to the Jungle,” it was time for the players to be sucked out of the

A group of
adolescents are transformed into avatars, that is, of course, it is to be lived for others
actors are very different from them. The fun is just in the return of the body snatchers, the
the contrast between the personalities of the young people and the physical characteristics of the
versions of the game.

The doctor is in
SmolderBravestone you have to mail to Dwayne Johnson. – The weapons specialist
MooseFinbar is carried out by Kevin Hart. Jack Black was a teacher
ShellyOberon and Karen Gillan, glenn hughes, it’s tough in the fall RubyRoundhouse.

They are
they need to survive in the forest, I beat the game and get back to the real world.
In spite of all the internal conflicts, the group of students is going to have to
join us to get out of there.

Each of the avatar
it comes with three black bars in the upper arm, the one that tells you that you have three lives. If it is a
the avatar is dead, the bars will disappear. The avatar will lose all of the
bars, the the the person is dead. But they can afford to be generous
to give up one of his lives to revive a character killed off.

Almost a
a billion dollars made at the box office in the world in 2017 at the earliest attested of the
the success of the endeavor, and the continuation of that already, it was only to be expected.

The next Stage is the ‘ Now ‘ and ‘ begins with a
Spencer, one of the teens, “Welcome to the Jungle”, but
the period depre. The character of Alex, He doesn’t feel it in terms of the
to reconnect with their colleagues, who took part in so many adventures in, let’s say, the stage
the previous one.

In addition to the
plus, he needs to spend his holidays with his grandfather to the elderly, which, in turn, also has a
to deal with their own problems.

This Is Danny.
Difficulty of those who live with this grandfather, Edward Gilpin. It is only the first innovation in the
any time. The second one comes into the presence of Danny Glover, who plays Milo Walker.
Milo is the father of a friend of Spencer’s in the Fridge, and the role of the SerDariusBlain.

he feels tempted to revisit the world of Jumanji, so he decides to fix the game.

At this time,
so, Spencer and a Fridge are going to play a video game with his grandfather. What do you mean
it SmolderBravestone, MooseFinbar, ShellyOberon and RubyRoundhouse will be
under the orders of the others, and that’s going to generate a dynamic that is very different.
Bravestone’s avatar bella and Edward, while Finbar is from Australia.

I have
a sense of tension in the real world, to the old, and Edward and Milo get into fights a lot,
because they were partners in the business. They were partners in a restaurant.

Milo wanted to retire, and Edward preferred to continue on active duty, but was forced to
following in the path of an ex-friend for a very long time. That left a balance of playing
and thoughts on this issue.

Fridge comes
in Jumanji, with the body of the Oath, and the trade-offs between the players and the avatars will be
by stepping up, as Spencer takes on the Bravestone.

Already, the Apprentice,
the character of Morgan’s Death, which was in the first film, also appears in the
start and continue to play in the body of the seals. In fact, she’s the one in the boot order in the
the house, as Milo and Edward, they end up creating a chaos.

The next Phase, that expands the world of the game, which introduces new rules. The
the characters go beyond the forest, in the game shown in the first feature and the change of the
the environment. Their adventures involve experiences in a wilderness, and
snow-capped mountains.

And then, as if to
it’s a body part, the game seems to have a life of its own and is fighting back on this one
the class with the traps and obstacles.

The other
featured in the cast is Awkwafina, who won the Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a
Motion picture Musical or Comedy for the film, “The last night”.

“Jumanji: the Next Phase” is all that a sequel has to be bigger and better than the original long. In addition to this, it still refers to the original from 1995, thus confirming the theory that has already been in the “Jumanji-Welcome to the Jungle”: which is all part of the same universe.