Justin Bieber takes on with the paparazzi that followed him, and takes the attitude is amazing

The canadian singer Justin Beiber (PHOTO: Playback)

Justin Bieber
The canadian singer Justin Beiber (PHOTO: Playback)

By the looks of it, the star on the canadian Justin Bieber has not gotten any happier with this group of photographers tried to get a few clicks on the last Thursday (June 21). The reason for this is that the paparazzi were on her, following without the use of masks, protective, even to the recommendations of the world health organization for the prevention of the contamination of the new coronavirus.

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The artist, who has come to claim you with all the professional to you personally, it also made it a point to share with you a record in the Stories of Instagram, displaying her anger. Soon afterwards, however, Justin ended up deleting the video. “As it can be for these guys to follow me without the mask? One guy was wearing a mask. It should not be allowed to“ he wrote the music. Check it out below: