Katy Perry’s first performance of ‘Small Talk’, speaking of Taylor Swift, and reveals the “language of love” with Orlando Bloom; see!


The morning, excited to Katy Perry! This past Wednesday (the 18th), the goddess has returned to the program, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with a lot of news to tell you. There, the star performed her new single “Small Talk” live for the first time. In addition, she spoke of her relationship with her fiance, Orlando Bloom, and has made peace with former rival Taylor Swift’s.

On his relationship with his mozão, I was only to praise! She was all admiration for her “man is the most kind-hearted of them allreinforcing just how much She does for her as well. “[Ele é] an equal opportunity employer, both spiritually, emotionally and physically,”he said. According to her, the “language of love” is just “of all the things which are spiritual, if you work out, and to his son, who is eight years old”. Time to fight back!

Katy Perry has revealed that it is a more “mature” after a relationship with Orlando Bloom. (Photo: Play/YouTube)

Even their eating habits have become more healthy! I also talked about that you went to sleep, and wake up much earlier than usual, after the incentive of the daily routine, the star of “The Lord of the Rings”. “I think that this is definitely not for me mature. I don’t think that is to become an adult. It is for this reason that I’m still seen as a child – in order to fight against it,”once joked about it. A mature and good-humored! Already, we want to have a passion for it too! Lol Check This Out:

Later in the program, I did it for the first performance of the “Small Talk”. With her looks, nothing polite, the whole worked in gold glitter in the muse didn’t run away too much from the traditional. On the other hand, it is committed to gogó, and in the scenario “far-fetched” is basic, as is the case with the poodle balloon, giant! Lol

Watch it here:

Amazing, isn’t he? To complete the package, the latest news of his life, Perry has commented on his friendship with Taylor Swift. The two had some quarrel, but peace has been sealed off for some time now, and it is confirmed in the music video for “You Need to Calm Down,” the new hit single from the Tay.

In a chat with Ellen, the diva thought about the question, stating that you would like to see a good example of this. “I’m all in favor of redemption, of forgiveness, and to set an example for the younger people, that might be nice to ask for his forgiveness, and to look for someone with whom you’ve got a problem.”, “she said. For us, it’s more than that supported this cause! Lol

Katy Perry and Ellen DeGeneres have talked to a lot of news on ‘the Ellen Show’ (Photo: Playback/YouTube)

Once you’ve confirmed that they “have been redeemed”, I mentioned that the two have a lot in common, and that this led to their friendship. “Probably only ten people in the world who have the same things in common. So, I thought to myself, ‘We should really be friends after it, share our strengths, our weaknesses, and our challenges.”he said. A friend to pop you with respect! The perfect…

Watch a snippet right here: