Kendall Jenner has made a tutorial on messing with the Case, and this is the result…


The family was trying to be funny-look for the program, Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Those who have siblings in the house, you know that it’s always a roll din, healthy, and with that, the clan Kardashian-Jenner, is not the series that is different! The spoiler on the latest episode of the reality tv show Keeping Up with the Kardashiansthat follows the lives of a family very close to us, Kendall appears on the imitation Has a tutorial to make a very zoeiro. The result was not the best, but we got to lose.

The game was a copy-cat and is Defined by the chosen, the youngest, who wasn’t even in the game, in order to be a ~victim~. For this reason, it can be used for a wig, wavy pink, as it Has used for a while, and it started with your tutorial on make-up. “I love to spend a great deal of lipstick on my lips. That’s how it all started, quite literally. I just raised the other to my lips, and all over the world, I was wondering what I was wearing,” he said as he went to tons of the product in the mouth, leading to teeth and laugh a lot.

In the end, Kendall is still connected to his mother in the video to get the approval of the Has true. “You’re the beautiful being I am. It feels amazing,” said the sister, laughing. Lol Their relationship seems to be good, right?

Rt, what did you think of the ~tutorial~ the Kendall? Approved?