Kim Kardashian at the White House, in an exchange of compliments, and with the Trump


Kim Kardashian West, and returned on Thursday to the White House to speak about a program that helps ex-convicts. The united states and spoke of the efforts that are needed to re-integrate into the society of those who have been in prison.

The advantage you want to the program to help people get transportation to go to job interviews, to go to work, or to move to other things that will help them in their social reintegration.

“All of us, whether the community is safe and secure, and the more opportunity we have, the safer everyone will be,” said Kim Kardashian.

The President of the united states, praised the wife of Kanye West did not mention that he met Kim’s father, Robert Kardashian, a lawyer who has become well-known because in the case of O. J. Simpson. Donald Trump has stated that she “has good genes”.

Kim Kardashian, who announced the new program on twitter, he took advantage of the opportunity to be in the White House to personally thank you for the interest and assistance of Donald Trump.

In this project, the Images had to start with the case of Alice Marie Johnson, who had been sentenced to life in prison for drug trafficking, but Kim was able to see that he got a presidential pardon and went free.

Kim Kardashian is at this point in the study of the law, having been influenced by having worked with advocate Van Jones, who has helped to give you a better life, Alice Marie Johnson, according to Forbes.

After this initial victory, the star was left with an increased interest by the court.

Second, in the future, the advocate, the idea of the program, to be presented to the President, came into being because I wanted to “do the right thing”.