Kim Kardashian is a video from the night of the drive-in and almost no one noticed it


Kim has revealed that he has lied to take part in the clip!

There is a lot of history with the family Kardashian-and now, something that has never been heard of before unveiled. Kim Kardashian has revealed that it has already been featured in a music video for Tupac. Speaking on a recent episode of the podcast, Foodgod of his friend, Jonathan Cheban , Kim was asked to reveal something about yourself that the host did not know. That’s when the wife Said that when she mentioned that she was one of the women that appear in the music video for the iconic song that started in 1994. Kim, I was only 14 years old at the time, but he has lied to the people on the set, saying that she was 18 years old.

“When I was 14 years old, I was in a video from the night of the drive. I think it was in 1994,” said Kim. “No, no. No one would ever know. So, first of all, we lie, and we told them that we were 18 years old most probably… I think it was to show off to friends. Do I have to connect it to Kourtney to find out.” said Kim, after being asked if they knew that she was a minor.

Kim said that Tupac was not there when he shot the scene, and I never saw it in the pictures. “No, he wasn’t there,” said Kim. “I’ve never seen the film. We were walking through the snow, as if they were models walking down a runway. It’s not like we were ever in a bikini by the pool, or something like that. We were literally walking down a trail, and it was Kim’s, Kourtney’s, I’s and maybe one or two other friends”.

The fans have already figured out that the video in question, which is “All About U” Tupac. You can see Kim in a blue dress in the brand’s 3:05 and 3:27 and 4:22 in the video below.