Marvel may have cheated the fans of the Upcoming Deadline and see


Avengers: Ultimate has brought a big shock for the fans at the end. Tony Stark, the Iron Man, he will save the day and defeat Thanos.

As it turns out, the film was the last for Robert Downey Jr. as for the hero. However, there are fans who still believe in a comeback.

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On Reddit, one user argues that the Tony Stark had been left in the movie.

The user is identified as a Kedrosal, and uses it as the basis of the two scenes at the end of the Upcoming Deadline. First of all, the fan draws the attention for once, Tony Stark gives in to the thought that the defeat of Thanos.

At this moment, Pepper Potts asks for it Back, which is the condition of the teeth. The system says that the status is “not critical.” Then, the reactor in Tony goes out, and the “Iron Man” is declared to be dead.

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The internet provides for a sentence from the sgt Pepper album cover, “We’re going to be okay,” in a different context. For him, the third party device is not directly connected to the life of Tony Stark, just like in the movies, Marvel has shown recently. Thus, even in a critical state, then the suit could be re-activated, and the hero can be saved.

Based on this assumption, the visitor argues that the “Iron Man”, I wanted to bring it all wiped out by Thanos in the back, and then continue to the participant’s retirement. The consumer believes that the death was staged so that the world doesn’t “bother” over on Tony Stark.

The user then uses in the final scene, as the other argument. Only one of the rebels, is seen at the funeral service of Tony Stark. There is no body or ashes to the face. Thus, the consumer believes that the character is hidden and the recovery. It could also be used, in the case of Robert Downey, Jr. decided to go back to.

It’s a theory, well, the world. It is worth noting that the directors Joe and Anthony Russo have already stated that in Avengers: Ultimatum was, in fact, the end of the line for Tony Stark. In addition to this, assured me that they would not leave room for the possibility of a fake death.

Avengers: Ultimate is available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Amazon Prime Video.

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