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A cat
A catstrofe ambiental froze the planet and forced the train to remain in constant motion, so that all the passengers are on the ice

A catstrofe ambiental froze the planet and forced the train to remain in constant motion, so that all the passengers are on the ice

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this may be a time that is most favorvel the show’s host has been Expressed by the other, production of 10 episdios, which is the Sign for lana on Monday (the 25th). The dystopia reimagines a world that is confined in the 3-thousand survivors of the apocalypse climtico on Earth live in a train, which runs on the planet non-stop. More: it’s as a call-to-action the film’s most talked-about of the year and in the previous one.

The south-Korean Bong Joon-ho, the Parasite, the big winner of the Oscars in 2020, with four statuettes (including best picture and director), the producer-executive directors of a number developed on the basis of his film homnimo, rolled into the year 2013. I express from the other of the first feature film from Joon-ho spoke in English.

Number the film and the tm as a starting point, a clebre the graphic novel by the French, and The Perfuraneve (1984), a double by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette. The Publisher, Aleph, published in 2015, is a edio full of this narrative, including both the initial and the two sequncias – The explorer (1999) The crossing (2000) – these two, by the new york combine English by Benjamin Legrand.

Also to change the shape and the treatment of the gnese of the narrative is the same. Perfuraneve in france, Snowpiercer is in English, is a train with a 1.001 vages (16 kilometres long, from Chicago to try to save humanity. It runs on the globe-non-stop – if you have to move around, to be dominated by the ice that had consumed the Land, aps will be a disaster on environmental. S, so that the experience is successful, by-law, order, hierarchy, and division of the social, and nothing can be out of place.

The to the maximum extent permitted by host Graeme Manson, known more commonly by another drama, sci-fi, Orphan black (2013-2017). To win, the format of the serial, and the narrative of the original was developed subtramas and the nuances of novelescas. The cast of encabeado by Jennifer Connelly, and in another moment, as a capable woman, and wounded, and Daveed Diggs, actor, rapper, and producer, best known for the musical “Hamilton”, Broadway production, which earned him a Tony, and a Grammy award. The pair reprises those only who have been in the film of Tilda Swinton and Chris Evans.

Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs play the leading roles, who were experienced in the manual
Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs play the leading roles, which have been
lived in the back cinematogrfica’s story by Tilda Swinton and Chris Evans


On the train, both the tm and the function is similar, but quite the opposite. Connelly Melanie Cavill, brao law of Mr. Wilford, the businessman visionrio who created Snowpiercer in order to save mankind. the voice of Melanie, which is echoed every day in the 1.001 vages, reading, day, and hours, and what’s new. Ningum o Mr. Wilford, all of it comes right out of your door-to-speech.

The soft-spoken, however, determined on a Mel command to the passengers of the first, second, and third grades. The first two are only filled by people who have already bought tickets. A third of the workers who make the machine work, whether laboring in agriculture or in the pecuria (yes, one of the world’s l off-it is on the Snowpiercer).

at the bottom, quite literally, that is the problem, at least in the eyes of the occupants of the upper classes. When the train has left the station in Chicago, hundreds of people attempted to board it out. Many have survived the ferocity of the soldiers. But the 400 is still there, after seven years of the departure, and in spite of the doenas, of cold, of hunger. In only the fourth class is the “provincial level”.

It don’t need to be an expert on the work of Boon Joon-ho’s in order to understand what fascinated the director. The social gap, the central theme of the work of the south Korean company, the move has been Expressed by the other. It comes in the form alegrica (and violent) to the towards the for those who have and those who have it, the number means less effective.

In the background, and Andre Layton (Diggs), a respected figure, a reference to the moral, among those who had been deprived of it all. They want to make a revoluo, but there are ways, at least for the time being. A destination that ends up putting professor Layton’s out of the cage in the background.

A dismembered body appeared in the front part of the train. Layton is the only police officer among 3 thousand passengers was a detective of the polcia de Chicago, prior to the end of the world. taken away from his place, to find out what had happened, and soon, if it account for the presence of a serial killer on the Snowpiercer.

J fast-forward a little bit, this is just an excuse for the character to find out the workings and the hierarchy of the train. As they enter the town you want to make a revoluo, and to free the people from the background. You will learn, the hard way, that in order to make policy is needed much more than a big heart.

With all the cards on the table, which is Expressed in the other’s will, each and every episdio, exploring the soul of the relaes to the human in a situated, extreme. At the beginning of each, where one character is a small-narrao em off in anticipation of what is seen in the next hour.

The moral dilemmas (and the lack thereof) are, in several characters, secundrios, that gain and lose prominence as the narrative of it. it is not easy to do with a towards the world outside, no matter where you are in the audience.

The Snowpiercer has an outside police officer, dealing primarily with the day-to-day in the background. They have the right to carry a firearm. Above them are the state, coming in with all out and go as a family on top of their ameaam (and, yes, the host has a sequncia of a battle that was short in the limbs torn off and blood gushing out). For those of you in the background, that attempt to measure the forces, a, s, h are two options: death, or, in the most common case, the amputao of one of the arms (and these are the scenes of the most violncia, which is the number it displays).

The elite gets bored with the life of a juicy piece of gossip in the café-restaurant, and their issue concerns more if the meat is in the point or on the. There is also the vague-a bed, a night club/brothel, with rooms in the dark than in the is intended solely for the sex, but in order to try to find out memrias in the past. Among the third-party support is the fifth, with the trfico of kronole, a drug existing in the train.

At the bottom of the train and live to be 400 people that work for your operation, and no
At the bottom of the train and live to be 400 people that work for work and have none of the rights established


A change of class is very difficult, but, vivel, by means of a romantic relationship, for example. A contract is signed by both parties, access to the world of the upper class, as if it were a marriage. Democracy is the % change In the regime of autocrtico tax for Wilford, who has a right to whomever holds the assets. Who is the est out s there to keep the machine in working order.

I express from the other comes at the end of the season, leaving questions unanswered and the path is open for the second one, j, is confirmed. Even for those who j have watched the original movie, based on a fight contnuo, the host, with some of the situations trite and the drama is that the come to off, it manages to expand the universe of the story. More importantly, the production “chat” with people all over the world, in spite of the diferenas to the social, cultural, and polticas e econmicas, they find themselves enveloped in the moment.


Grade 10 episdios in the Series. In the second (25), and opening of the first two; the rest of the sero lanados on a weekly basis.