None of the brazilian is second only to Kim Kardashian as the most-watched And …


The stories have been around for two years, and Instagram released its rankings of the most watched in the world. The first one on the list is Kim Kardashian, followed by comedian Carlos and Maia.

The youtuber if you are proud of your humble life, which leads you and don’t hide anything from 8.2 million followers.from the food to the most intimate details of the family’s free-scoring.

He never let go of my hand. I’m not being able to believe in it. So, I’m a Kardashian in the northeast region? I Thank you Brazil, thank you my bixinnnnnnnnnnn’! I’m screaming with joy!

He has more than a billion impressions on Instagram, a number that corresponds to the profile that you have watched all the videos that are in the air, only to for hours on end.

It is with these data that the influence of digital make money with the advertising world. And more to the point, the more attractive your profile is, the companies that pay for blog posts.

In Brazil, the stories, the most-watched names such as Whindersson, Anitta, Neymar and Bruna Marquezine. Here is the ranking of the most watched in the world.: